Luscious Lychee

A lychee and pineapple treat; complemented by a coconut finish

Magician Intuition

A gin based, cucumber and elderflower twist - with a touch of refreshing lime

Eden's Nectar

A vanilla-passionfruit gaze, prepared in a classic balloon glass and finished with a citrus kick

Alice In Vodkaland

Acai berry infused vodka, sided with a bittersweet, tongue-tantalising surprise

Jessica Rabit

A cinnamon and amaretto blend thrown amongst cloudy apple juice, with a hint of fresh lime

Flamingo Flip

A ladies favorite. Limoncello and black raspberry paired with fresh mango - complemented with white rum

Tijuana Garden

Agave super-food syrup with tequila, apple and coriander

Electric Lady

A strawberry delight, vanilla bite - one tasty dessert cocktail

Tequila Mockingbird

As personal and confronting as the movie, with a beautiful passion fruit ending

Dragonfly Dream

Our salted caramel staple - mixed with a delightful selection of deep, savoury liquors


A Sunset Bar classic… Our naughty choice of ice-cream, peanut butter and hazelnut married with a chocolate finish

*Warning : Contains nuts

Cocktails To Share


Serves 2 People    

Red Sangria Caraffe

White Sangria Caraffe





Serves 2-4 People    

Melon Splice

Splash Of Passion

Lychee Garden





Pimms Jug

Serves 4 People 35